We  meet every week to share our joy and passion for acoustic and traditional music. Playing instruments or  singing unaccompanied, we welcome musicians, singer songwriters as well as newcomers to join in.

…Choruses to join everyone together, stories that are told in song, humorous songs, poignant songs – it is the sheer variety that may surprise you…

Our Aim is To Promote:

A passion for sharing traditional and acoustic music. 

The opportunity to perform in public.

Performances that engage the listener.

Telling stories in song. 

Rousing choruses.

All welcome. 

FIRST TIME? If you’ve never been to a music and song session before – what might you find ?

Herga at The Castle is a relaxed evening of unamplified sound where those who wish can join in. Led by an MC who “goes round the room,” offering everyone the chance to perform.

Up to 30 songs a night, all of various styles: with new visitors each week, people discovering old songs, and people performing songs they have written themselves, you are guaranteed to be hear some you’ve not heard before. 

You are also very welcome to come simply to listen.

With the sound filling the room, you may spontaneously find yourself joining in the choruses !

Herga Folk and Acoustic Club was first based at The Royal Oak in Wealdstone back in 1963.

Herga, the name taken by the club back then, is the old name for Harrow. It actually refers to a hilltop temple; one stood on the Hill where St Mary’s Church stands today. It seems subconsciously that the Club has been drawn to its namesake with its move to The Castle in 2017.

The journey up this prominent  hill is as special today, but rather than as religious pilgrims, we make our way up the hill to gather and celebrate shared music and song…

We charge no fee for entry, however our raffle will accumulate funds so that we can book special guests.
The raffle prizes are a bottle of fine wine and a choice of CDs.  

The Castle of course ask that drinks be bought at the bar and not be brought in.

Our Committee meet every